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From the Desk of Tony Laidig

RE: About Your Book…

Congratulations…You’ve published your FIRST book! Of course, so did 41,000 OTHER people on whatever day you published YOURS! That number is based on Seth Godin’s estimate of 15 million books published in 2012! And if you’re like MOST authors who have published their first (or next) book, NOBODY will know. No one will see it, whether it’s on Amazon or not. The book buying public WILL see the next book by the N.Y. Times (R) Bestselling authors…they will likely NOT see yours…UNLESS…

…UNLESS You Do Something Different Than the Other 41,000 Authors!

Run ALL the Amazon Bestseller Campaigns you want! Who knows…you make even make it to #1 in your category…FOR A DAY. What about all the OTHER days? You know, the other 364 days that will see another 41,000 books published EACH and EVERY day! Yeah, those are super intimidating numbers…just want to keep it real.

The TRUTH is that I truly believe you should write and publish books…lots of books…in spite of what the numbers say. But if you WANT to succeed…if you want to STAND OUT from the REST of the 15 million books that will be published THIS YEAR, you MUST do something that makes YOUR book stand out from all the others…to connect with your audience on multiple levels in ways they’re already familiar with. And to get some insight on ONE those “secret” strategies that work, we need to look no further than Hollywood!

 Why Reinvent the Marketing Wheel
When Hollywood Has Shown You What to Do?

Quick Quiz… What is the ONE Marketing piece that Hollywood (and everyone else who makes motion pictures) produces for EVERY new movie? Answer… Movie Trailers! And often they will produce more than one. WHY? Simple…they want to tell their audience about their latest venture in a way that will entice them to SEE the movie! And the most effective way to do that is through video, music, words, narrative, etc. organized in a focused, concise TRAILER!

So WHY NOT Connect With YOUR Readers the Same Way?

Seems like an obvious question, right? Sadly, MOST of those 15 million authors you’re competing against for readership just don’t GET IT…they don’t see the power of connecting to their audience in a commanding, visual way. Of course, if YOU have a trailer for YOUR book, that’s GREAT news because it gives you a HUGE advantage over everyone else! Unfortunately, MOST authors (likely including you) are NOT creating video trailers for their books because, a) It is probably expensive; b) They don’t know how; or c) They just don’t care that much about their book!

What If I Could Change All That for YOU and
Make Producing Video Book Trailers EASY?

Magic is only MAGIC until you know the secret! The SAME is true with ANY type of media production, whether you’re talking about writing your first book, taking an award-winning photograph or producing a video trailer for your book! Think about this…imagine being able to:

  • Tap into 163 MILLION unique visitors that visit YouTube EVERY month to tell them about YOUR book.
  • Make YOUR book stand out from everyone else’s as you share your Book Trailer on ALL the Social Media channels!
  • Bring your book to life on your Author Central page on Amazon, the largest bookseller on the planet!
  • Level the playing field with the Big Boys (most of whom aren’t creating Book Trailers) to snag more eyeballs (and sales).
Great News…You CAN!
Introducing, “Easy Book Trailers!”

“Easy Book Trailers”

In this BRAND-NEW 6-Module LIVE Training Webinar series, you will discover:

  • How to plan and prepare all the elements you need for a successful video book trailer
  • The BEST free and low-cost software to use to make producing your book trailer a breeze
  • What you should (and should NEVER) include to make your book trailer a hit!
  • Insider video strategies for making your videos look professionally produced every time
  • How to make videos without using video footage
  • My favorite sources for video content, background music and more! 
  • The secrets to producing great narrative audio for your book trailer
  • Next-level “Big Boy” strategies to easily create jaw-dropping special effects
  • What to do with your video book trailer once it’s finished and ready to show the world
  • And Much More!

    In Addition to This In-Depth Training, I’ve ALSO Decided to Include Some Very Special BONUSES…

    Bonus #1

    Market With Stories


    Creating a successful video book trailer is ALL about storytelling and connecting with your audience on a personal level. In “Market With Stories,” I not only share HOW to connect with your audience on a personal level, but also demonstrate, step-by-step, how to create amazing inspirational videos for your audience…the SAME types of videos that have garnered me nearly 430,000 views on YouTube alone! This is a complete training (with lots of awesome bonuses) that normally sells for $197. I’ve included for you here as a bonus!

    Bonus #2

    Limitless Video Content


    There are MANY types of videos you can produce, and, as you would imagine, you need LOTS of CONTENT for all of them, including your book trailers. In “Limitless Video Content,” you will discover the BEST content sources of all types (video, music, text, etc.) you’ll ever need, but will also gain in-depth training on how to create all the major types of videos you need to succeed online! This is a truly comprehensive training series! This is a $97 course that you’ll gain instant access to with all the original bonuses included with it!

    Bonus #3

    Dedicated Facebook Group 

    A private Facebook Group dedicated exclusively to this training and for Members Only! This is where you can ask questions about the training, share your own book trailers, announce your latest books and much MORE!

    You can get started TODAY to create professional-looking Video Book Trailers for YOUR books, as well as for your clients. You will gain access to the the LIVE training registration information and ALL the Bonuses right away! Please Note: This is a LIVE 6-week training which will begin on Thursday, June 6th, 2013 at 7pm EDT! Everything WILL be recorded and you will have access to ALL the replays as well!

    Join Us TODAY for Just $297 $197 $177 (save $20!)

    Register Now For…

    • 6-Module LIVE Webinar Training series
    • Replays for All 6 Modules
    • Access to the Dedicated Facebook Group
    • Market With Stories BONUS
    • Limitless Video Content BONUS
    • And Much More!

    Our Money Back Guarantee

    Attend the First TWO Live Trainings for “Easy Book Trailers” and discover just how powerful these strategies are for creating video book trailers for your books. If you decide after those first two trainings that the course is not for you, just contact us and we will refund your money 100%!
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